Message to our Users

Hamburg - May 2009

With the date of the shipment of the Electric Image Animation System V8 on the 27th of May 2009 ramjac Software discontinues all business relations with the Electric Image Technology Group. The right to distrubute OBJ2FACT has ended with this day. The right to bundle ramjac Software with any EITG product and any related documents and materials in any form has ended. Also all distribution of any material and/or products owned by ramjac Software has ended. The EITG is advised to remove our software from their website and all downloads that are currently available on the EITG website.

ramjac has been in negotiation with the EITG about a solution for about the last half year. The negotiations finally have failed and we see no basis for any further business relation to the Electric Image Technology Group in any form.

Our products Xpressionist and Rodeo will no longer be available from the EITG. However, users of the EIAS V7 or any other former Version of the EIAS that contained Xpressionist and Rodeo have a legal license and can use their licensed software further, also with EIAS V8 as a new host. However, such licenses will not be supported anymore by ramjac in any way.

Purchasers of a new license of the EIAS starting with EIAS V8 do not have purchased a valid license of any of our products and must obtain a license from ramjac Software.

Since we did not belive that all this was really necessary and we would find any other solution than the current we do not have any alternative distribution system or any new licensing scheme we could offer to our users in this date. However, we will verify all our options very carefully and announce anything new regarding our products and their availability in an appropriate time frame.

If you have any inquiry about our products please send us an email.

Thank you for your understanding.

ramjac Software

About ramjac Software

ramjac Software was founded as a subdivision of ramjac Images in 1997 which was relaunched in 2003 as the JCM Animation studio. We started to develop inhouse utilities and soon recognized the value our products have for production work and started to release them. To learn more about ramjac Software, read here.