About ramjac Software

ramjac Software was founded as a subdivision of ramjac Images in 1997 which was relaunched in 2003 as the JCM Animation studio. We at JCM Animation primarily use the Electric Image Animation System animation and rendering software for our day to day animation work. When we started with 3D animation and rendering about 14 years ago we soon realized that writing software utilities would enhance our productivity tremendously. We use several exclusive in-house utilities such as file and motion converters to go back and fourth between other software packages and the Electric Image Animator.

Since we really like "our" animation software we realized that what is good for us may also be good for other Electric Image users. Our first commercially available product - OBJ2FACT - was such a success that we decided to also bring more of our tools to the Electric Image user base. We have succeeded in the release of Xpressionist which we believe took the animation with Animator a huge step forward and continues to evolve and progress.

Our new product Rodeo brings an incredible powerful rigid dynamics engine to the EI Animator. The plugin is based on the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) and was extremely improved during the development of the plugin.

We have many ideas for new and innovative products wich are all tested during our production work and get refined to become useable production tools. Our software gets used by major production houses all over the world as well as the one man 3D shop for daily production work. We are very proud of our software products and believe that you will not want to miss them once you have used them.

Jens C. Möller

JCM Animation - ramjac Software

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