Rodeo 1.0

Raw Power

Rodeo is the dynamics engine for the Electric Image Animation System. It is based on the ODE (open dynamics engine), thus containing its abbreviation within its name "Rodeo". Check out what users do with Rodeo here.


Rodeo features a reworked and very fast and powerful collision detection engine, that makes it a snap to animate vast amounts of simultaneously colliding objects. The plugin features an easy to use setup system and is the first Electric Image plugin in history to make use of non modal windows. This allows users to keep the plugin window open while they setup and work in the project. Of course Rodeo is completely scriptable with Xpressionist.


Rigid body simulation featuring all Animator joint types
Enhanced collision detection
Based on powerful ODE engine
Multithreaded calculation (of collisions and time stepping) for Complex scenes
Non modal window
Very fast Solver
Substitution of Spheres and blocks with optimized proxies for faster calculation
Polygon reduction for heavy meshes for faster collision detection
Automatic detection of concave surfaces
Automatic calculation of volume and weight of closed and open meshes
Own open GL viewports for convenient setup control
Complete control over environmental parameters such as gravity and units
Bones with weights
Xpressionist interaction
Mesh reduction
Mesh convexification