Rodeo 1.0 and Xpressionist 3.5 Released

Hamburg, San Antonio Texas - November 28th 2007 – ramjac Software is proud to announce the release of Rodeo 1.0, the high performance rigid body dynamics plugin and Xpressionist 3.5, the next generation of our scripting engine for the Electric Image Animation System. Both products are included in the Version 7 release of the Electric Image Animation System, which is available at Electric Image Technology Group.

"I am very excited that yet another ramjac Product hits the road with this release. Our development continues to add substantial core features to the EIAS which no user can abandon anymore." states Jens C. Möller, founder of ramjac Software

Rodeo 1.0 is based on the mature an widely used Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), which has been enhanced and optimized to deliver even more power to the EIAS user. Check out the Rodeo pages for a feature list.

Xpressionist 3.5 is the powerful scripting engine of the Electric Image Animation system, which has ben further enhanced. Xpressionist 3.5 comes with a new utility plugin called Kontrolleur. It enables users to build a basic but fully customizable interface for their ENOCH scripts.

About ramjac Software

ramjac Software was founded as a subdivision of ramjac Images in 1997 which was relaunched in 2003 as the JCM Animation studio. We started to develop inhouse utilities and soon recognized the value out products have for production work and started to release them. To learn more about ramjac Software,
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