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ramjac Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of a web forum about every aspect of ramjac Software. This forum will help to streamline the communication with our customers all over the world and increase the speed and quality of our software developments.

Jens C. Möller, director of JCM Animation and leading Administrator of ramjac Software says: "I get 150 eMails a day. Many of them are spam, some of them are from clients or subcontractors, some are even from friends and some of them are about O2F or Xpressionist - either from users, or from the developers, sometimes feature requests, sometimes bug reports. I always need to sort out, collect, document, forward, reply to all of these messages. I am very glad that we have a web board now, that will help me to get rid of this (smiles). I think this is a huge benefit for all people - us and our customers - and will help everybody to get the most out of ramjac Software."

The ramjac Software Forum uses
MyBB. MyBB is a powerful, efficient and free forum package developed in PHP and MySQL.

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